NCUT EC Guest Speaker Part 3

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  1. 江芷汝 says:

    In the video: guest speaker part3, I heard that the speaker on the screen was talking about google’s self-driving car. This issue let me remember a news I watched in January.
    The news said that in the United States, some people drove their own car to attack Waymo self-driving test car. It put the testers in the car under threat to their lives. Many people spoke out that they didn’t want Artificial Intelligence to replace human. Although I think the self-driving cars are quite impressive, in a short period of time still can’t let general public or professional driver to accept.
    Actually, I am very interested in self-driving car, since I’m not the person that is good at controlling the machines. Even if it is a computer, I have to spend more time than others learning how to use it.
    But I have been thinking about one thing. If self-driving car can really be used in the future, how do we process the car accident cases? Unexpected events would happen in any cases. So, if the driver is not a person, who should be punished? The cars? Or the company which manufacture the car you used? The reason is the self-driving system they create is not careful enough. I don’t think that is work, I even feel this reason is a little far-fetched. However, who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe this reason can really apply soon.
    No matter what the concerns are, I still want to have a self-driving car in the future.



  2. Maggie Tai says:

    With the develop of the business activity, people tend to buying or selling products on the internet all over the world nowadays. As the people in the video has mentioned, bitcoins, which is virtual currency, become one of ways of trading purpose.
    We already know the benefits that e-commerce bringing is the convenience of doing business, however, the negative impacts still occur in society. The biggest risks of e-commerce is the information security. How to protect a clients’ personal information and the prevention of transaction information revealed is the crucial matters. Criminals would take advantages on it and it may cause severe damages on people.
    All in all, technology bring human the pros and cons, it just depends on what you choose.


  3. 詹怡婕 says:

    After watching the video, I heard about the WordPress, but I had no idea about what it is so I googled. And I know that it is a free and open-source content management system. You can set up a website for free. You can also design the theme as you want. I think it is very useful application for people to use. And I also heard about bitcoins. It’s a form of electronic cash. It is a digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user.

    I want to share what I learned from the instructor:
    If you miss the opportunity that means you don’t think out of the box.
    You can be also be the one you want to be but you miss it. You don’t seize the chance when it comes to you. You may think that you don’t deserve that chance. But!! You are the one and only. You are unique. You are better than what you think about yourself. Actually, you can do a lot of things than you can imagine. There is a saying says, “Opportunity always reserved for those who are ready.” I also consider that opportunity always reserved for those who CHERISH them. This film is not just about E-commerce, but an important lesson for me. Thank you for giving such an awesome film.


  4. Angel Liang says:

    Because of the advancement of technology and the demand for convenience of people, we have the e-commerce platform to make a transaction with others and don’t need to go outside. Moreover, we can use the e-commerce platform without money. It is not only convenient but also cost-effective for the amount of people and it also has lots of economy benefits behind these events. Beside, e-commerce platform means we can make a transaction on the Internet, so we can even make a transaction with people from other countries and don’t need to take an airplane to other places. These are all the benefits of e-commerce, but it also has some disadvantages. For example, when we make a transaction on the Internet, we can’t see the real products, so it may have a big difference between the photos on the platform and the real products. Therefore, we should see the feedback of other people and compare more sellers to make sure the quality of the products. To sum up, Technology gives us lots of convenience, but we also have to pay attention to avoid the bad sides.


  5. Ren Yu Liao says:

    After watching the video, I heard about Open Source Software. It works the same way as proprietary software, but the different is for free to use it. In addition, it can be better and more secure and less mistakes than proprietary software, because many users can modify the problems so that the software can be flawless. However, the disadvantage is the service from the software. Although you are free to use the system, but sometimes you have to buy the software in order to use the completed services. There are many Open Source Software such as Open Office, Firefox, 7-Zip and so on. As for me, the Open Source Software that I use is Audacity.

    Audacity is music editor software, and it download for free and you can use many functions in it. Besides, Audacity is cross-platform software, it means you can use this software on different operating systems such as Mac Os X, Microsoft Windows, Linux and others. I think this software is very easy to use and you can do anything that you want. The best point is I don’t have to pay for any service, and I can create a fascinating rhythm.

    To sum up, Open Source Software is the good way to choose, but sometimes it limits you to use some functions. It just depends on you.



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