Internet Marketing / Distribution with Eddie C @ Tunghai University

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  1. tsuimou says:

    What really fascinates me is the concept of Blockchain. As everyone knows, blockchain is one of the newest technological software algorithms that allow us to exchange any assets with another party freely and safety through the internet without an institution or a middleman, taking away the power of some institutions, and even some from the Government, putting matters into our own hands. From Bitcoin to the 2017 Crypto Kitty, which is basically is a Crypto collectible, a virtual kitten bought and traded on the web (highest Crypto Kitty was sold for 100,000 USD), the usage of blockchain has drastically reshaped the economy.

    In the future, by using blockchain technology, we can cryptographically construct our personal information, allowing us to be able to create an identity structure. This can be used by the government to give people identities or passes such as certified passports or the enrollment of students in a university, increasing the efficiency of security checks for international students and people entering the country.

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  2. 羅可馨 says:

    So what’s blockchain? By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet.


  3. I would like to comment on speaker Edward’s class about bitcoin. It gave me the basic background about how bitcoin works in real life and what danger it involves that required our attention. Although there are some section that is not that easy to understand, Edward’s lecture lit my desire on digging into bitcoin.


  4. Hà Phạm says:

    Information technology has significantly changed the way people do marketing, sell, purchase and making choices. Blockchain is one of the inventions that has the potential to change the way we trade and even the way we trust. Learning about trends in business and newest technology like blockchain is essential for business students like us. Thanks Eddie very much for sharing his knowledge and experience!


  5. 陳佳瑄 says:

    I have a strong impressive in block chain. A block chain is a continuously growing list of records linked and secured using cryptography. We are living in digital world.
    Digital asset allow users to transact directly without any third-party intermediary.
    I think block chain is an important issue for us to understand it. Thanks for Eddie sharing this important concept for us.


  6. Sabrina Chiu says:

    Blockchain represents a new paradigm for the way information is shared-everything from financial services to mobile payments and even global shipping, and it does change the way people trade.
    It creates unchangeable and time-marked records of all the transactions. Furthermore, the blockchain users are exactly the administrator, that is, the users can trade safely without another party. Even though I’ve heard about Blockchain many times before this class, I have no idea what it is about at all. Thanks Eddie so much for all his sharing and explanation.


  7. Rose Lin says:

    I find the topic of Blockchain really interesting. As a student from China, I also read some articles and researches on Blockchain development in China before. China is likely to take the lead in adopting blockchain – technology originally developed as a digitised public ledger for cryptocurrency transactions – in the real economy. The government has expedited the first national standard for such technology and a complete industrial chain has emerged. I would like to keep an eye on Blockchain and see how it will go in the very next future.


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