Scheduling a Forum

If you are interested in a discussion forum for your students on a topic of your choice, please tell us three to four weeks in advance prior to the day of the event, and indicate the following: topic of discussion, university, the date and time. Please ensure that the room for discussion has good internet connectivity, a good sound / audio / microphone system, projector and a good running computer. Our discussion forums usually have international guests that join us through live video conference and everything related to the internet must work properly. We will come earlier to set up all the necessary equipment and to perform a video and sound test.

Professors teaching a particular course can choose any related topic or subject that is practical and useful for students to learn by discussing it with peers and the invited guests. Educators should request students to think of questions or ideas related to this topic beforehand and to be brought up during the discussions. The hosts only need to tell us the topic or subject of interest and the date and time. After the discussion, we suggest that teachers require students to either write a reaction paper or to present it as part of an assignment on one of the important points discussed in the forum. We found this is an excellent learning method, as students will respond in a very positive and productive manner when there are points to gain for assignments that are creative, purposeful and steer interest.