Discussion Topics

Universities and / or institutes interested in inviting us to hold a forum for their students can select from a variety of topics and related subjects according to their interest.  We can organize discussions with one or more special guests being present in the forum usually by internet and sometimes in person on any of the following topics listed here and / or anything related to them. If you don’t find a topic of your interest, please email us with your topic or subject of interest. We find guest speakers or forum leaders for a discussion on your preferred topic even if it’s not listed below:

arts (classical and contemporary arts including music)

business (management, marketing, e-business / commerce, organizational behavior, services and manufacturing industries, human resources and more)


education (all areas and aspects of education, particularly college education)

environment (environment protection, preservation, nature, and more)

future (where is humanity heading, what can we foresee in various fields)





people and cultures (humanities)


philosophy and psychology

relationships (family, school, and work)

religions and beliefs

science (natural and medical sciences)

technology (IT and related fields)