In addition to forums and discussions on a variety of topics, our team can also assist with other types of academic and industry related services / activities, such as business education, integrated Chinese / English courses, consulting, editing and translations in various areas (e.g. websites, newsletters, magazines and more).

Integrated Chinese / English courses

We also assist professors at Taiwanese universities interested to integrate a few lessons or sessions per semester in English into their courses. This can alleviate the burden of preparing extra material and at the same time create something special and interesting for the students. Rather than using the old fashioned method such as making students take more English conversation, English writing, or business English courses, it is more practical for students to learn, communicate, and write something in English about a specific topic of their interest or related to their studies. Additionally, the integrated courses can also save time and resources for both the universities and  students.



Led by Bruce and Angela, both experienced and diversified translators, our team of translators can assist anyone with topics in business, science and technology. For more details, please contact us with your exact needs.