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HET Forum is a team effort created to offer special, interesting and unique learning experiences for the higher education institutes and environments. It uses the Socratic method or a continuous dialogue between everyone in the audience, however with the use of internet and current technologies it can be taken to a whole new level, making it one of the greatest learning experiences for participating students. This project is designed to support university teachers which teach various courses in English related to business, technology, science, humanities and more. We organize discussions with local and international special guests which are excellent contributors to these learning activities. As most universities encourage their teachers to invite guest speakers at least once per semester, we use such opportunities for most of our forums.
The forums promote discussions integrating academic and real life situations in various fields on topics directly related to students’ courses, brought to a level to be understood and discussed with ease. We encourage both students and guests to post editorials, comments and more. If necessary, we also use translators during the discussions, providing students with excellent opportunities to interact, practice, and improvise in communicating their ideas for the courses they study.

Be part of a HET Forum experience  – Please go to the “Scheduling a forum” option to request a topic and select a suitable date.