More about Dr. Daniel L. Clinciu

Dr. Clinciu has a PhD in Information Management from National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, with research, publications, and background in management, organizational behavior, e-commerce, marketing, bioinformatics, biomedical informatics, and biotechnology. Dan is also pursuing a second PhD in medical science as he is always looking to learn new things and expand his horizons into new fields and areas that are interesting to him.

Currently Dan is teaching for the Business Module at National Chin-Yi University of Technology and doing research with the Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Science at China Medical University, both universities located in Taichung, Taiwan. Over the past few years he taught at Tung Hai University, National Chi-Nan University, Feng Chia University, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Chinese Culture University, and was a lecturer with National Chiao Tung University.

Receiving higher education in both USA and Taiwan and having a broad background and experience, Dan is always looking for means and venues to improve the learning experience of his students. When Dan began his academic career and started lecturing university students in Taiwan, his classes had a mixture of both local and international students, a situation Dan often encountered as a PhD student at National Chiao Tung University. Most of the time, international students are the ones expressing opinions, sharing their ideas, asking questions and always participating. Looking for ways and means to get Taiwanese students to participate and to be more involved, Dan thought about the forums held at his former university in United States on a variety of subjects and topics related to the courses taught in the university.

He decided to bring the forum style learning into each of his courses which right away made a positive impact on the students as they experienced more creativity, increased interested in learning, and being able to understand and learn more efficiently. Each time there was a lesson using the forum style, Dan also invited special guests, most of the time using live video conferences by taking advantage of the opportunities technology and internet provides. Each and every forum style lesson has been a fascinating and special learning experience for his students and the students of other professors which invited him to hold a forum style lecture. His goals are to continue these exciting types of lectures and to hold them at more universities in Taiwan, while constantly finding ways which can improve and enhance their quality.