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Taiwan’s Social Safety Net is the Street Market

Free-marketers are often ridiculed for suggesting the welfare state can be substantially replaced by free enterprise: not sure what to call those which even dare  suggest that able-bodied adults would be better off with more invigorating freedom instead of a debilitating dole. The Case … Continue reading

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Opportunities – much more than just a paycheck

As students are always looking for the best opportunities to earn a living after completing their studies, one of the discussion topics that always comes up in all the courses I teach is, of course, where are  the places with the best opportunities. Incidentally, as … Continue reading

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A Very Brief History of Architecture 3. Contemporary Architecture

3. Postmodern Architecture. In the 70s architects were already starting to look beyond the principles of modernism; Kenneth Frampton published his book, ‘ Towards a Critical Regionalism ‘, in which he sought to provide a modern architecture tied to a … Continue reading

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A Very Brief History of Architecture 2. The Modern Movement

2. The Modern Movement was characterised by a radical rejection of the principles of traditional architecture and embarked on a titanic quest of rethinking architecture from a strictly functionalist perspective. According to modernists, the purpose of architecture is not to … Continue reading

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A Very Brief History of Architecture 1. Pre-Modern Times

I was asked by Dan Livis to write an article that focuses on the ways in which architecture affects / influences the progress and evolution of humanity. Since the subject is extremely broad, I will address it in terms of … Continue reading

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Awake the champion within

The fascination exerted by Olympics is based on a self-evident truth. By virtue of 99.9% DNA that the champion has in common with all and every single one of us, his/her victory is ours. I am a passionate sub-mediocre swimmer … Continue reading

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Teaching and learning in the 21st century

††††† Among promoting a multitude of interesting discussion topics on HET forum, we want to particularly encourage editorials that are educational in nature and aimed at higher education and learning. We hope that individuals from all walks of life can … Continue reading

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