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Artificial Intelligence – the “gentle” terminator

Many wonder if humans control AI, or at this point, perhaps AI controls us? The short answer is, a few people control AI which in turn controls most humans. How good or how bad this will turn out to be … Continue reading

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Online exchanges during COVID-19

The current pandemic has forced people worldwide, many who didn’t know much about E-commerce to use it extensively in order to survive. As most people were Ill prepared for such an unexpected situation, the main thing learned is the fact … Continue reading

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It’s Science again

There’s tons of news everywhere. Most of it is bad as usual. It’s rather strange that the more advanced we get scientifically and technologically, the worse the standard of living seems to get. Who would of thought that in 2020 … Continue reading

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Success and Opportunities with Dr. Steve Wallace

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The Case for Free Markets

Walter Williams makes a great point when talking about how well the free market caters to the common man while other types of economic/political systems such as socialism or communism not so much. At least in the free market the … Continue reading

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Motivation – why are students lacking it?

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Motivation and the Internet Age

Growing up in the internet age is very different. People, especially students have everything at their fingertips and could have all kinds of things available to them in a few seconds, entertainment in particular. Thus, there is little room for … Continue reading

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Is YouTube some form of an Apocalypse?

For many content creators that made a living from E-commerce selling ideas and more on YouTube, the kind of things, deplatforming and demonetizing YouTube is doing recently is no short of an apocalypse. In Revelation 13:16, 17. And the second … Continue reading

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Issues With Scientific Peer Review and Publications – Can AI Help?


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Should we blame those that post or those that act upon reading/seeing the posts

People make decisions in life being influenced by a wide variety of factors. In modern days, TV was a major factor as the old Depeche Mode song well said it “Let me see you make decisions, without your television”. Whereas, … Continue reading

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