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Customer Relationship Management with Eddie Constantinescu

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My short letter on human health was published in the Science journal

A while back I wrote a letter to the Science journal about the benefits of science in human health and improvement of the living standard worldwide. I didn’t think too much of it at the time; the Science journal is … Continue reading

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International Business environments 2 NCNU

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Business and Ethics

Although the event that took place on United where the crew had a passenger being dragged out of the plane for the simple reason of not willing to give up his seat it’s abhorring and should never happen, it could … Continue reading

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Science, Technology and the Internet, National Chi-Nan University

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Why authors should read more

Many authors are quite creative and may not need to read much when it comes to getting ideas and perspectives for their own writing. However, there’s always a good reason they should read more than the average individual. One reason … Continue reading

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Finally, my 3rd baby was born

Over the winter break I was able to finish a book that all of you in the forums or discussions we had in various universities about different topics are part of! Although there is a paperback version available for students … Continue reading

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The Business Mind and Body

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Latest activities

Among having a few interesting forums already this semester at National Chi-Nan University (my current university), National Chin-Yi University of Technology (my EMBA course) and Hsouping Univeristy of Science and Technology (cooperation with another professor), the seminar at National Chiao Tung … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s Social Safety Net is the Street Market

Free-marketers are often ridiculed for suggesting the welfare state can be substantially replaced by free enterprise: not sure what to call those which even dare  suggest that able-bodied adults would be better off with more invigorating freedom instead of a debilitating dole. The Case … Continue reading

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