International Business environments 2 NCNU

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  1. 劉芳廷 says:

    The most interesting theme for me in Eddie’s lecture is about “knowledge capitalism”. Knowledge capitalism is going to be popular recent years, high developed countries in particular. It is above traditional factors of production, such as land, machine, and factory. That is, it is based on skills that managers or employees share with each other in order to improve efficiency of company.
    Due to globalization, all of the business can obtain the lowest cost resources. Those kind of resources is not special at all, in other words, it can’t be used as a resource of industries or companies’ competitiveness. Therefore, the combination with knowledge capital, information, and industrial core technique can enhance profitability and international competitiveness. Moreover, knowledge capital is an essential investment for everyone to equip in future years. All of us should always observe the international business environment, or you’ll be replaced easily by anyone.


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