Artificial Intelligence – the “gentle” terminator

Many wonder if humans control AI, or at this point, perhaps AI controls us? The short answer is, a few people control AI which in turn controls most humans. How good or how bad this will turn out to be it is still a big question. One thing we know for sure is that humans are quite lousy at “controlling” other humans. Even though the US constitution says “God” has given everyone the same right to freedom, pursue of happiness and all the rest of the good stuff, capitalism included, some humans simply can’t help themselves. Power is addictive and the more one indulges on this drug, the more one needs it! AI can be used by some to put themselves in power or to keep it. Who said we need to fight wars and kill one another for power when AI can do it in a much “friendlier” and subtle way?

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Online exchanges during COVID-19

The current pandemic has forced people worldwide, many who didn’t know much about E-commerce to use it extensively in order to survive. As most people were Ill prepared for such an unexpected situation, the main thing learned is the fact that the world needs to digitalize and improve online exchanges.

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It’s Science again

There’s tons of news everywhere. Most of it is bad as usual. It’s rather strange that the more advanced we get scientifically and technologically, the worse the standard of living seems to get. Who would of thought that in 2020 most of the world would be forced indoors for months! Taiwan, however, got to be one of the lucky ones. The way it did it was rather simple. So, I and a couple of colleagues wrote a bit about it. Not in a very positive way, especially towards China, but something that needed to be said and we want to thank Science for publishing it!

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Success and Opportunities with Dr. Steve Wallace

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The Case for Free Markets

Walter Williams makes a great point when talking about how well the free market caters to the common man while other types of economic/political systems such as socialism or communism not so much. At least in the free market the average Joe can get at least a little bit of what the rich man has. What in the world is the meaning of that? OK, think about this… If the rich man can own a Mercedes Benz or a Rolls Royce, the poor man can go rent one for a day and still enjoy a bit of what the rich man has. But can the poor man do so in a socialist or communist system? Does the poor man have any freedom to do so? While rich people can often buy or bribe for more “freedom” in a communist system the poor guy cannot. It is why it is much better to be poor in a free market system than in a socialist one. Stefan Molyneux joined us for a great discussion on the case for the free market where he points out that even in a developed economy, if the system does not operate on free market principles, tons of trouble and things could go wrong!

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Motivation – why are students lacking it?

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Motivation and the Internet Age

Growing up in the internet age is very different. People, especially students have everything at their fingertips and could have all kinds of things available to them in a few seconds, entertainment in particular. Thus, there is little room for other type of motivation besides that of being entertained at all times, classrooms included. Teachers are often caught between a rock and a hard place since competing with the internet for the students’ attention is not an easy task. Are there any solutions to this issue? How can students be motivated to stay focused and productive. Perhaps reminding them of the not so distant past and giving them some examples of great achievers could stir up some motivation!

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Is YouTube some form of an Apocalypse?

For many content creators that made a living from E-commerce selling ideas and more on YouTube, the kind of things, deplatforming and demonetizing YouTube is doing recently is no short of an apocalypse. In Revelation 13:16, 17. And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark of the beast or the number of its name.

Prophecy interpreters would say that right hand means actions and forehead means ideologies or a way of thinking. There you have it… If your actions and ideologies conflict with those that aren’t necessarily more ethical than you but they’re the ones calling the shots, you’re doomed, just like many content creators on YouTube.

If your income depends solely on YouTube and on top of that your credit card and bank account was frozen or closed because YouTube or some social justice warriors made it happen, welcome to YouTube’s apocalypse. Perhaps not exactly as the one In Revelation 12:16, but not too different. Although to religious fanatics this may seem as a fulfilling prophecy, to rational people and visionaries it’s a great sign for opportunities of new and better alternatives for E-commerce than YouTube ever was. This means, it’s time to search for new and better treasures hidden within the great human mind. Whenever there is such a transition, some of us will lose and some of us will suffer, then again, more of us may benefit and profit in the future!

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Issues With Scientific Peer Review and Publications – Can AI Help?


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Should we blame those that post or those that act upon reading/seeing the posts

People make decisions in life being influenced by a wide variety of factors. In modern days, TV was a major factor as the old Depeche Mode song well said it “Let me see you make decisions, without your television”. Whereas, in post-modern times social media is playing a constantly increasing role in many people’s lives when it comes to decision making. One might be surprised that life, business, relationship decisions done by many people worldwide are influenced largely by Facebook posts. Posting images, videos, opinions, comments, articles and various other materials on Facebook, YouTube and other social media can have profound effects upon people and their actions worldwide. Many people can get self-help but also self-destruction. Is it the fault of those who post stuff that aid others to self-destruct and/or make terrible life or business decisions? Yes and no, depending on age, IQ and state of mind at the time one reads a post, watches a video or seen other types of postings.

In the article article “To post or not to post – that is the question”, a simple, harmless post managed to make someone do something rather silly and perhaps even irresponsible. Maybe those reading the article can help out to find some better words in their replies to describe someone that would do such a thing and then somehow make the person posting the image feel responsible for the posting. Let’s work on making social media a better place where people can learn and benefit their life rather than the other way around! h

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