As the new semester is just around the corner, let me just talk about a few things that I’m very excited about and I hope the universities working with us, the students and followers are as well. The end of the school year 2015 – 2016 marked the beginning of the HET Forum website, along with its Facebook page, editorials and more. We held substantially more discussion forums on a variety of subjects / topics at different universities in Taiwan throughout 2016 than we had in previous years, encouraged by the support of our hosts, the universities, and especially the participating students. Overall, the HET forum organizers, the invited guest speakers, and the host universities felt that the discussions are being very productive based on the students’ participation and learning during the discussions and the comments and feedback the students are providing afterwards (please see comments from both students and professors / hosts on the “Contact Us” page).

由於新學期在即,我想探討幾件讓我感到非常興奮的事情,也希望與我們合作的各個大學,學生們和追隨者們都有相同的感受。在2015至2016的學年底我們創立了HET論壇網站, Facebook的連結頁面,社論等等。受到主辦單位,學校及學生們的鼓勵與支持,我們舉辦了前所未有的大大小小研討場次,主題也涵蓋了台灣各個不同大學的學科領域。總體而言,不論是 HET論壇主辦者,受邀演講嘉賓們,或是合作的大學承辦者,大家都一致認同研討會之如此的有成效,是基於學生積極的參與討論與學習,並且願意在事後提供自己的評價與意見。(請看到在“聯繫我們”頁面,學生和教授/ hosts的文件註釋)。

As universities, professors, and students learn from directly experiencing the benefits and the interesting modes of higher education learning provided by HET Forum, we anticipate more discussions / guest lectures to be held at different universities throughout Taiwan during the coming school year. We hope that universities and teachers interested in inviting us to hold a discussion forum with their students can schedule a forum style guest lecture for this semester as soon as possible so that we can have adequate time to plan and prepare well, to invite suitable guest speakers, and to create an overall successful, interesting and exciting learning experience for the students. Moreover, we created an editorial section where students and all participants can exchange opinions with various authors and experts and can also share their own experiences and ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or ask specific details about us and how we can work together in creating interesting and fruitful learning activities for English taught programs and courses at your university for both local and international students.

無庸置疑, HET論壇所提供的有趣的高等教育學習方式, 直接受益給校方, 教授和學生們. 在2016年的秋季學期, 我們期待討論會/客座講座等可以在台灣的大學更發揚光大. 希望有意在本學期邀請我們舉行論壇或是客座講座的各個校方可以盡早跟我們聯絡, 這樣我們才可以有足夠的時間來計劃和做足準備,邀請合適的演講嘉賓,並建立一個讓學生可以得到全面,有趣和令人興奮的學習體驗。此外,我們創建了一個社論專區, 讓學生和所有參與者都可以和不同的作者與專家交換意見,也可以分享自己的經驗和想法。不要猶豫,有任何問題或想了解更具體的細節都歡迎與我們聯繫,我們也能夠幫助你的本地及國際學生們創造有趣和富有成效的學習活動和英語課程.

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