Why authors should read more

Many authors are quite creative and may not need to read much when it comes to getting ideas and perspectives for their own writing. However, there’s always a good reason they should read more than the average individual. One reason is, speaking from my own experience as an author, I rejoice when others read my writings, thus, I’m pretty sure I make other authors happy when reading theirs. Second reason is likely more important, that of learning new things. Over the winter break I thought I would shoot two birds with one bullet; make an author happy while I learn some new things myself. I had the chance and privilege to read a great book on politics and economics written by a former colleague, friend and great economist, Dr. Peter St. Onge.

Many things in it that St. Onge wrote impressed me to say the least, however, I found the chapter on regulations superb as it is easy for all to guess, I don’t like some of the regulations in probably all countries I’ve been to, particularly in the USA. But then again, who likes them. So, if you like politics and like or hate Trump, I recommend this great book on Trump’s first 100 days in office by a great author.

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