Online exchanges during COVID-19

The current pandemic has forced people worldwide, many who didn’t know much about E-commerce to use it extensively in order to survive. As most people were Ill prepared for such an unexpected situation, the main thing learned is the fact that the world needs to digitalize and improve online exchanges.

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5 Responses to Online exchanges during COVID-19

  1. 蔡銘諺 says:

    COVID-19 has brought the injury to the world, also indirectly has actually led the electronic commerce technical development.
    In accordance to the guard measure, reduced the outdoors activity, thus led the network shopping demand to increase sharply.
    Also initiated the entity shop front to transfer the hypothesized shop front the tidal current.
    9A651050 蔡銘諺


  2. Jasmine Ho says:

    Virtual currency and online cash flow actually existed a long time ago, but they are not popular.
    With the needs of human beings and the advancement of technology, as well as the pursuit of a more convenient life, e-commerce has gradually become a trend.
    And even more so after this COVID-19.
    9A651047 Jasmine


  3. 張琤 says:

    After this COVID-19, more people relied on digital items.
    For example, community sites and mobile app have many group purchase or ordering community appeared, the main purpose is to reduce human contact, but also more convenient to buy the needs of life items.
    These currencies turned into electronic money, which existed in mobile phones and allowed them to spend more transparently, allowing them to record what they had consumed.
    Like Taiwan before COVID-19 is very dependent on the delivery, and after the outbreak, every day there are endless delivery, every day there are different ethnic groups of consumers in the purchase of goods. Cash, on the other hand, is converted into mobile payments.


  4. Ting Yu says:

    The global economy has been upended because of Covid-19 crisis. Those who have an E-Commerce store are witnessing a surge in the number of buyers. Getting bored with this lockdown period and to fulfill their cravings of shoppings, shopaholics or even normal people have started to rely on E-Commerce apps.

    9A651023 Wendy


  5. yentzihsuan says:

    The new living habits brought about by the new crown pneumonia will not disappear as the epidemic slows down. On the contrary, it will accelerate the trend of people and enterprises using e-commerce. The new scene will gradually become a daily life, and consumer content, payment tools, and consumer platforms will be derived Many business opportunities In the post-epidemic era, people’s office, life, diet and consumption habits have changed. Under the situation that the epidemic may be repeated and the impact time will be prolonged, the cloud computing industry, video game industry and e-commerce will be post-epidemic The subject of sustainable attention of the times. In the post-epidemic era, cloud computing-related industries will be the mainstream of growth, mainly because after the outbreak, the digitalization that companies are already doing has accelerated, and cloud computing must be used even in the development of technologies such as 5G and AI. In the post-epidemic era, people’s lives, diets, and consumption habits have also changed, which is conducive to the development of e-commerce and video game industry. Fubon Securities stated that e-commerce will have the opportunity to become the biggest beneficiary of the epidemic.


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